• Saturn Firework Display

Saturn Firework Display 


A turbo charged display that will create a stunning and exciting fireworks display from start to finish.This display includes our beautiful double heart set piece – which creates two hearts in fireworks with a stunning fountain surround. The display will build into symmetric roman candle sequences creating a range of shapes and patterns in the sky, moving onto an array of multi-shot cakes firing from multiple positions across the site creating a marinade of colours, glitters and effects that will leave your guests speechless. A large range of aerial shells creating huge canopies of stars in the sky. Building to the huge finale containing over 1000 different shots of colour and effects firing to all angles of the sky – a simply breath-taking display from start to finish.

Duration: 8 - 11 minutes, max 15 minutes 

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Saturn Firework Display

  • £1,555.00

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